her whole life

The grandaughter of Holocaust survivors and the daughter of hard-working self-made parents, the values of empathy, resilience and empowerment, obligation and committment, accountability, transparency and justice – and the fortitude to show up and speak out to serve others – were instilled in Hava from a very young age.


Hava Holzhauer has been our advocate fighting for us her whole life. Learn more about how Hava will fight for all our communities in Washington.

All of us here in South Florida have seen the effects of climate change firsthand. Stronger hurricanes ravage our infrastructure, rising sea levels damage our beaches and towns, and warming waters and algae blooms threaten our wildlife across the state. Hava will be a champion for climate action, fighting for new funding for green energy jobs and infrastructure, demanding investment in carbon capture and storage, and securing funding to make our homes and businesses more resilient to the effects of climate change.

Hava has been on the front lines of the fight against crime, injustice and intolerance her whole life. She knows that hate, when allowed to fester and mental illness unaddressed threatens all of us. Her experience as a prosecutor and an advocate give her unique insight into how to work with both police and human service organizations to make our communities safer. Hava will work to ensure the safety and security of our schools and children, as well as houses of worship, and all other public spaces for all residents, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. She’ll continue the fight in Congress, strengthening hate crimes laws and support for first responders, securing funding for at-risk populations, and expanding protections for women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community.

With women’s healthcare under attack yet again, we need a leader in Congress who will protect and support women’s reproductive choice. Hava will be a tireless advocate for women, and a champion for mothers and their children. As a young mother herself, Hava knows firsthand the struggles young mothers face juggling childcare and employment. She’ll fight to close the gender pay gap, expand the childcare tax credit, and create real economic opportunity for women and families. 

South Florida has been touched by the scourge of gun violence too many times, and the standard response from so many politicians is “thoughts and prayers.” Hava will stand up for us and work to get weapons of war off our streets, while advocating for common sense gun reforms that are supported by the vast majority of Americans. She’ll fight for expanded background checks, red-flag laws, and crack down on ghost guns. As gun violence is an epidemic, Hava will also advocate to let organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study gun violence and help create real solutions to stop the killings in our communities. 

For too long, healthcare in America has been a privilege for the few, instead of a right for us all. Hava will expand healthcare coverage to cover more Americans while lowering the cost for middle-class families. She’ll lead the fight to ensure that our healthcare system works for us by demanding that life-saving prescription drugs like insulin and asthma inhalers are affordable and accessible. She’ll work to ensure senior care allows for affordable choice. Hava will also advocate to lift the prohibition on Medicare to negotiate drug pricing, saving billions of taxpayer dollars and putting money back in our seniors’ pockets. 

Our middle class has been on the decline for decades. Wages have remained stagnant. Hava knows the struggles of our workers, having fought besides them for equality and justice her whole career. Hava will fight to make the federal minimum wage a living wage, helping lift millions of working families out of poverty. She’ll also advocate for free job and vocational training to ensure our workforce is prepared for the long-term, family sustaining jobs of the future. 


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Meet HAVA Holzhauer

Hava Holzhauer has been your advocate – fighting for you her whole life.

The grandaughter of Holocaust survivors and the daughter of hard-working self-made parents, the values of empathy,resilience and empowerment, obligation and committment, accountability, transparency and justice – and the fortitude to show up and speak out to serve others – were instilled in Hava from a very young age. 

Hava’s childhood was defined by her family’s journey from city to city for her parents’ work – her father, a leader in healthcare and her mother, a public school teacher for special needs. Hava learned at a young age the struggles of being an outsider, how to see the needs of others, and developed an unshakeable drive to build bridges, find common ground and realize collective good.

Always knowing that she wanted to make a lasting difference in our community, Hava sought out education to give her the skills to create a more just, equitable and sustainable world. After earning degrees in Environmental Science and Psychology from Tufts University, she earned her J.D. to create equitable and inclusive workspaces and close the pay gap for working women.

Personally and professionally, Hava has stood up to bullies and continued to fight for human rights and dignity. She has challenged unlawful firings, fought for civil and equal rights, and worked with business owners and operators across industries to create more equitable and productive workplaces. As a young mother, early on in the workplace, Hava stood up for herself and her colleagues, fighting for flex time and securing maternity facilities for working moms.

Hava continued her fight for justice as a leader in the Florida Office of the State Attorney, where she prosecuted hate crimes, fought for safer communities, and worked to ensure everyone’s right to live free of discrimination. She continued her fight against extremism, bias, and bigotry as the Regional Director of the Florida Anti-Defamation League, working to root out hate at the source. 

Hava’s experience in our communities as an advocate, attorney, and business leader – Hava’s style of solution and outcome-oriented advocacy – make her the best choice to represent us in Congress. Her background in finding thoughtful, common sense policies will help bring possibility and progress to all our families in South Florida. Whether it’s securing funding to build new hurricane resistant infrastructure, promoting sustainable economic development and investment in living wage job growth, or ensuring every American’s right to vote, Hava Holzhauer is the fighter we need.